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Kindergarten toys should be designed to serve children for the purpose

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Kindergarten toys should be designed to serve children for the purpose of the design of various types of space and the layout of the game facilities to meet the physical characteristics of children groups, the scale of activities. For example, due to the apparent gap between children's height and adults, some adults can easily see the barriers of the past often block a 3 to 5-year-old children's sight, and some suitable for adults to use the tables and chairs for children Convenience. Therefore, in the design of children, we must pay special attention to children in the activities of the venue to walk, run, climb and crawl when the line of sight and body scale.
    Naughty fort operation, alone operating a single naughty fort generally no other combination of naughty fort benefits better. Children love to play love, a single naughty fort and can not long to attract children's eyes. We can be naughty fort site design is set up, leaving some place to play the mouse machine, digital machine, three horse, rotating aircraft and other corresponding accessories. This will give the children more choices, but also more long-term benefits play a corresponding role. In the business model to be more innovative, can not keep the fixed. To find ways to give children new toys and play. Also set up what members of the match can be done according to the specific circumstances of the corresponding matters. In addition the safety and quality of the product is also very important. In the purchase of products, we have to choose a good security-related certificates and other formal enterprises, and to ensure product safety and quality.
There are two kinds of skateboard slide, one is straight, there is a kind of bending, and its sliding surface is the wheel line. Assuming the height of the two slides, there are two children with exactly the same weight, respectively, from the vertex of the slide at the same time, the first to reach the ground is not a straight skateboard on the children, but the spin wheel slip on the surface of the children. Because the child on the slide has been able to decline, because of the role of gravity. The magnitude of the gravitational force is also different when the slope of the skateboard is different in the descending direction. Therefore, the average speed of the slide along the slides of the wheel line is very high throughout the downtime.
    Even if the length of the skateboard slide is longer than the length of the straight slide, the time of sliding along the spinner is shorter than that of the straight slide. This is proved mathematically and physically. That is, under the same height of the same conditions, along the wheel line to slip the shortest time.
Naughty fort with random, no power, interaction and security of the characteristics of random means that it is not subject to the venue constraints, whether indoor, outdoor, or irregular venue, can be placed naughty fort; no power Refers to the modified leather fort without any power device can operate, invisible savings in operating costs, but also to protect the safety of the players is also affected by the buyer reception factors. Naughty castle from the venue restrictions, whether it is household table, or is not the rules of the venue, can be placed, for simple, no power equipment, maintenance facilities. Children can play at the same time to cultivate the nature of self, exercise the body, brain puzzle.