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Kindergarten toys are good for the child's intelligence

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For just bought wooden toys, be sure to remember to take cleaning, it is best to disinfect, wooden toys in the wet environment is easy to black mold, clean wooden toys, first with a clean wet Towels, gauze or handkerchief dipped in cleaning fluid to wipe the surface of wooden toys, and then rinse with water, and finally with a clean gauze or handkerchief to the surface of the wooden toy can be wiped. We can know that kindergarten toy toy building blocks can be arranged in different ways or the accumulation of building activities can be developed children's intelligence, can be made into a house, all kinds of animals; it can help develop intelligence, training children hand-eye coordination, Building blocks, knitting, ring, symmetry and so on are good for the child's intelligence; building blocks, the child must be involved in the proportion, symmetry and other issues, it is conducive to the early development of the concept of the number of children. Toy blocks reflect a lot of mechanics, often play, the children will gradually realize the balance, symmetry and other relations, which are good for the cultivation of children's scientific thinking. Wooden stack of high play is the first three pieces of wood for a layer, the stack of stacked into the tower, or use other stacking method, and then turn the dice to decide which color or which layer of wood, the extraction of wood to On the top of the pagoda, in the process of extracting and putting the wooden block is collapsed; then there are two kinds of dice for its use, one is to throw four dice per person, the use of addition and subtraction multiplication and division A 2-digit number, and then out of the corresponding one in the building blocks, and then on the top, or on the side, who took the building blocks when the building down even lose. There is also a roll of 1 dice per person, according to the size of the dice in the order from the bottom of the building blocks in a random one, and then put on the side or on the side, who took the building blocks when the building down