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Puzzle toys building blocks of the benefits and effectiveness of more and more

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Whether it is after 70 or 80, for the building blocks are no stranger, with the continuous progress of technology, and now developed the building blocks of toys in terms of material, or play on the earth-shaking changes have been earth-shaking. In addition, the advantages and effectiveness of building blocks of toys are also more and more, which is after the early education experts continue to study and found.
So, what about the benefits of building blocks for children's growth?
First, the development of right brain, play to create.
Children play in the process of building blocks can play their own imagination and creativity, and then according to their own creative design and construction, this process is actually the right brain development of the baby, because the right brain is the command of our human creation ability. Therefore, the building blocks have the right role in developing right brain.
Second, hand-eye coordination, comprehensive development.
Playing the building is a heart, hand, brain, eyes consistent with the process of action, the child is not aimlessly play a fun, they are constantly thinking in the design, and then through the hands of the work to complete. This process is the ability of children to coordinate the cultivation of hand.
Third, exercise space three-dimensional thinking.
Building blocks are from the part to the whole of the combination of toys, children playing the building blocks, you can recognize the space and the link between the part, know how the whole part of the transformation from the part, but also understand how the part from the whole Separated from. So, building blocks for the cultivation of children's space thinking useful.
To sum up, educational toys building blocks for children's growth has a very significant significance. In this, Xiaobian also remind you that, in the process of purchasing the building for the baby, we should pay attention to the production date and quality of building blocks, including building blocks, color fastness and so on are part of the quality of the building blocks, if the Building block quality, however, to a certain extent, will threaten the child's health and safety. For example, toys out of paint, the chemical Chen points is very easy to enter the baby body, because the child will inevitably put the building blocks into the mouth, in addition, if the selection of poor quality blocks, it will hurt the child stabbed children. So, when building blocks to buy, the first thing to consider is its own quality, followed by fun or not. Of course, if some high IQ blocks more than the child's age range, it will inevitably dispel the enthusiasm of the child, therefore, according to the age of the baby to build blocks of toys choice.