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Children play kindergarten slide parents to watch at any time next to

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    Although the lethality of the toy is not great, but we have to play when the special attention, so as to ensure the safety of the child in kindergarten kindergarten toys kindergarten slide when the same time, while parents have to watch at any time, then use What are the precautions for kindergarten toys? Learn together.

    First of all, when we use it, we should know that the need for timely inspection of the discharge of the pool when the box is smooth, there is no sharp corners, in fact, this is the main thing to prevent these sharp edges and corners Hurt the child's fingers, there should be attention to the battery box above the reinforcement state, if the use of screws fixed live, so, you can very good to avoid the children put these batteries in the mouth to play, there is if it will happen Put the product, so as not to affect the child's hearing.

    There are many types of toys, different toys will bring the child not the same fun, and now we often see in life there are electric toys, toys, if the choice of bad will cause physical damage to the child, so We have to pay attention when buying toys, then we should choose how? The following is a kindergarten supplies manufacturers to do the introduction, together to understand.

    In the kindergarten in addition to kindergarten supplies, there are toys, kindergarten supplies and toys have a different use, kindergarten supplies is the use of children or some of the daily necessities, and some of the play for children to play, and some are used for teaching aids,

    In fact, when you choose it, you need to pay special attention to a lot of problems, only in order to better play its role, first let us think of is the product of the workmanship and the surface is smooth, to see it there is no Screw head, but also need to pay attention to is the surface of the tip, and no warning signs, do not meet the standard requirements, easy to hurt the child's skin, in the purchase time, require toys must be attached to the instructions, the only way to be able to ensure that it Of the security, in the use of it, is the need to read the instructions.